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The Pro-X Walker is a multi functional sports equipment that complements your walking and fitness training. It is handy, it is light and extremely robust. Each movement together with the Pro-X Walker puts your arms and shoulders against the right training resistance - it turns your walking into an effective, joint-friendly whole body workout. The Pro-X Walker is also your personal compact gym. It is easy to take to work and use during the lunchtime break or while walking your dog or watching TV...


Tone up and enjoy each movement against the resistance. Unique is the constant resistance level what does not restrict the range of the movement but allows it to be smooth, safe and multilane therefore effective. Each set comes with free A3 size exercise poster and will will provide you with free ebook induction course. You can use it on the mat , chair or attached to e.g. stair's hand rail for additional unique strengthening exercises.


You can have an effective solo walks, with friend or member of your family. You can stop anytime to introduce station with specific resistance exercises with belt on or attached to a tree or the fence! Turn you ordinary walk into mindful circuit training.


Turn your everyday dog walk into an effective fitness experience in disguise. Use both arms with dog's harness or one arm holding dog's lead in the other then swap.

Watch this video... see just a few possibilities of the Pro X Walker. You can claim FREE membership in the Pro X Walker Club. This will help you to enjoy the results of the use of equipment with regular useful tips and ideas and motivational support from creators and the other members. We believe that being well and fit does not have to be difficult or expensive.


Transform your daily pram walk into full body workout whilst looking after your little one. When you are pushing your baby in the pram with one hand on, you keep one handheld device in the other hand and simply swing your relaxed arm and then will help to support good posture and rebalance body musculature in gentle yet effective mode.


You can easily adapt number of gym based exercises as you would do on the cable machine. You can attach the Pro X Walker to trees, benches or branches...


Pro X Walker has been successfully used by professionals aiding the rehabilitation process. Unique, relevant quality is the fact that it provides patient with safe, continuous resistance level throughout the full range of the movement allowing multi plane movement(0.6kg , 0.8 kg and 1kg resistance versions are available)

Pro X Walker is a perfect travel companion. It's light and small so you can easily take it with you on a trip outside the town, work, into public transport or on holiday.

There are two options of waist belt - one includes drink bottle and both have additional pockets for keys, money and mobile phone.


What Our Customers Are Saying

A convenient way to train while you walk!
I am the proud owner of a Pro X Walker and am delighted with my purchase. I am retired and started Nordic walking 18 months ago and I love the total body workout it gives me. However it is not always convenient to have poles with me so many walks are pole-free. With the Pro X Walker I can continue to work on upper body strength, pole-free. I like the option of using/not using the hand-held devices so you can do interval training, ie take a rest. The belt is comfortable and adjustable. At first I thought it wouldn’t adjust small enough but after watching the helpful videos I realise that the belt sits between the waist and the hips. I also like the included training poster showing all the muscle groups that can be exercised with this marvellous equipment, eg arms, hip flexors abdominals etc. Very pleased.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Where is your product made?
The Pro X Walker is made in Germany
- Where is the product shipped from ?
Our products are shipped from UK and we have a delivery promise of up to 48 Hours
- Can I trust you?
If you trust Amazon, you can trust us. The entire purchase will be handled by Amazon, meaning you'll have access to Amazon's world-class customer service and refund policy. You can return product within 30 days as specified by the T&C from Amazon.
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