“To those of you who have written us, thank you for taking the time to do so, your kind words keep us happily burning the midnight oil at the workbench. If you would like to write a testimonial please click here and we thank you in advance.”




Jim, Thank you so  much for the ring. I got it today Wed at 5:30. Its beautiful. Love your work. Maybe next year I will see you again at Hubbard Park. as long as it's not pouring rain (or snow). Thanks again. -MP
Met Jim today at the Meriden Daffodil festival. The jewelry is made with beautiful craftsmanship and Jim was so friendly. My husband accidentally gave him too much money and when Jim discovered it, he found us in the crowd to give us our change! I will be shopping with you again! -JC

Just plain fun to go there!  -JB

Love the excellent service and the jewelry I purchased. I am enjoying my bracelet. It is absolutely beautiful! The necklace and earrings I will be giving  to my sister this weekend for her birthday! I will see you again in Richmond in November.  -JB

I met Jim today at the Daffodil Festival in Meriden. I was so elated with the design and craftsmanship of his jewelry that I will be carrying the line at my Victorian Inspirations in Portland, Connecticut. the Chain Maille designs are unique and beautiful -EBF

Beautiful jewelry! We love the pieces we chose and can’t wait to wear them for many years to come. -TF

Squirrel-Eze offers two major prongs for why I keep coming back to them. First it's the jewelry ... pieces that draw you in because there are lovely pieces that are associated with wonderful memories and/or the people who may have effected life-changing moments for you. These are beautifully crafted pieces by the proprietors, Helen and Jim. Which brings me to the second reason I keep coming back. Helen and Jim are very caring folks who listen to what you're asking and/or saying. They mention pieces that you might be enchanted with. By the way, they also have clothes such as beautiful scarves, dresses, and tee-shirts made by Helen. And they offer so many other kinds of gifts that visiting their shop is an absolute must! In addition to the various offerings they sell, you'll probably meet 2 new friends who will remain in your life because they're fun to be around ... and because they care. Period, full stop! -BD

I have been looking for this theme of design for a long time, finally I find Squirrel-Eze! -CC

Helen and Jim put the extra effort into every beautiful piece of jewelry artistry. Very happy with their workmanship and attention to detail. Highly recommended! -JI

Just loving my bracelet! Thank you for your patience while I made my selection and for resizing it so quickly. -PM

Beautiful jewelry. Wore my piece last night and received lots of compliments. -KS

Dear Helen, Just finished reading your article "Traveling With A Full Metalsmithing Studio" on the Facebook page for Art Jewelry Magazine. I'm flabbergasted and all I can say is WOW. You've proven to me that people can be quite successful & happy doing what they love. I just spent a couple hours browsing your website and Facebook page, and I see your love shine through in each of your pieces. Your're a true inspiration. If ever you decide to write a "how to" book on your portable workbench design...I'll be the first in line to purchase. I'm in the process of creating a home based workbench, but like the idea of a traveling one. Have a collection of my work to sell at craft fairs & bazaars. A portable workbench would help as I'm quite shy. Oh yea...tell Jim he does excellent chain maille work too. -ES-B   * To read the article: www.facetjewelry.com http://www.facetjewelry.com/news-and-views/inspiration/2017/08/traveling-with-your-workbench

Helen and Jim are very talented folks. So, if you are in their area, it's worth your time to check out the results of their talents! Beautiful and thoughtful gifts! -BD

Great jewelry! -CS

I just adore my new necklace that I bought today in Lincoln, NH! -JG

Squirrel-Eze makes the most beautiful, unique jewelry. I have five necklaces now! -DJ

Helen created a beautiful piece using chasing and reposse. My wonderful hubby surprised me and chose the PERFECT one for our anniversary. Every time we head home from a show I look forward to a turn on Rt. 1 in Warren where we can see the mountains that we live in! Always saying and texting my soul sister...."I see them!" They were hers first but generously shares them with us! Now I will have that FABULOUS view wherever we go! -MA fellow jewelry vendor

Helen does BEAUTIFUL pieces...my wonderful man surprised me with a pendant yesterday!!! I LOVE it and it was a PERFECT choice. Check out their work, Jim does wonderful chain maille. -MA

Great conversation and looking at what we bought, we are very happy. The yoga cards will be wonderful and the necklace awesome! -BB

Five stars! -RB

Very pleased with my purchase...love my Yoga To Go!!! -GH

Last week's purchase at Wolfeboro's craft fair proved to be a good stop. So nice to know of Squirrel-Eze! Also your kind help with an adjustment. Genuinely nice and friendly help. I not only found earrings, but a friend at Squirrel-Eze. -MD

Helen, Thank you so much for the gift of Matahba. It means so much to me to have a tangible piece of Townsend and home to take with me to Namibia. You are such a wonderful, bright person who so genuinely cares for others! -CD

We love knowing it is handmade from raw materials! -JK

Gave my sister the lovely "Circles of Life" necklace that I brought with me on our recent trip to see Yellowstone. Surprised her with it on Saturday night last week...her birthday is tomorrow...needless to say, she cried and loves it! -KV

So loving Helen and Jim's creative ingenious artisan jewelry and textiles. Totally gorgeous! Such talent! -DLHM

Great wearable artwork! -NH

Beautiful unique work done by two of the most beautiful unique people I have had the pleasure of knowing. -RLH

Hi, I just poked around your site...holy cow...it's astounding! I've NEVER seen jewelry like yours. I'm blown away. I know what I am putting on my wishlist. I'm looking forward to getting a copy of your book, too. Much luck in all your journeys! I hope our paths cross again sometime! -CC

Dear Squirrel-Eze & Friends, On behalf of the Townsend Congregational Church, I would like to thank you for your generous donation of the handmade ceramic bowl for the Churches's Spring Auction. With your help, the church successfully raised over $11,000. All proceeds from the auction will go to support the continuing missions of the Townsend Congregational Church, a Church that has served the community for 275 years. We are grateful for the ongoing support we receive from businesses like yours. -JD

Hi, I look forward to seeing you every year at the Tulip Festival. I recently had carpal tunnel surgery and found that your chain maille bracelets were the only ones I could comfortably wear during the 8 week recovery! Thank you for my beautiful jewelry. -JW

Dear Squirrel-Eze, I expect to see you at the next flower show and I love my earrings and necklaces. -LM

Friendly service, quality, selection, A Great Experience!!!! –SK

I loved all the jewelry that you had at the Meriden CT Daffodil Festival. Your jewelry was different and unique from all the other jewelry vendors. –GM

A visit would not be the same without Helen! –MT

I love your store! Such beautiful things and nice people! –HC

Beautiful collection of jewelry! –JG

Bought from them before, and loved each piece. –TC

I was able to purchase a charm without the chain, and Jim accommodated my need for a larger loop to fit all of my chains, which I appreciated. –SS

Fabulous jewelry. Could have bought more but had to hold myself back. The owners were very friendly, patient with the customers & gave wonderful explanations of the jewelry. Looking forward to seeing them at another show. I bought one of the Inner Voice necklaces. So unique. I love it! –ND

“First visit but not last” –RM

AWESOME!!! If you’re looking for UNIQUE, this is where you'll find it! Specializing in BEAUTIFUL HANDCRAFTED jewelry. You'll be amazed at what this owners hands have designed. Stop by and check it out! A must see shop!!! – DLG

I just discovered Helen and Jim's work at the Daffodil Festival in Meriden, CT. There were a number of jewelry vendors in the craft's fair tents, and most of the jewelry was the same that I see at all the crafts fairs. But Helen and Jim's work stood out and had me going back for a second look. And then of course I had to buy several pieces. Their work is outstanding, and different, and wonderful. Some of the chain mall work was so intricate, and I loved the faces in the watches. Helen took old, ladies watches, removed the workings, and backed them with silver faces. They look amazing (much better than I can possible describe them!) I will definitely be looking for Squirrel-Eze at future craft shows!! Thank you Helen and Jim for creating such unique and beautiful jewelry! –VM

Bought one of your jewelry pieces at the Morean Arts Center in St. Petersburg, FL last week...Saw it; loved it! It is a silver ring entwined necklace with gold-fill horizontally placed rings securing the larger sterling silver rings. Can be worn as a choker or as a longer stand-out piece; love the versatility! And, I live in MA on the North Shore; am down here for several months, soaking up Vitamin D! Will look at your schedule to see if I can find you at home at some point and be able to peruse your other pieces...Thank you, Helen, for adding this beauty to my jewelry "wardrobe" -LA

A great pleasure meeting you, I love your store. –LD

Love the website. –ES

Helen is an absolutely Fabulous Woman! –TP

You have awesome and creative pieces and textiles! –CL

We bought the Green Amulet for Mother’s Day and my wife loved it!!! Thanks for your hard work. –MH

Jim, Thank you so much for repairing my bracelet and getting it back to me so quickly. It’s back on my wrist right where it belongs. Please accept this small token of my appreciation. Thank you again. –KN

Dear Jim, Thanks for taking the time to make my earring. I know this must be a busy time for you. I appreciate your effort. Have a wonderful holiday. –MZ

Helen, thank you so much for being such an open, honest, and kind person and taking me under your artistic wing. I am very greatfull and feel very blessed that I have been granted the privilege of knowing you! –DB

Helen, I enjoyed my shopping experience at your boutique. I love the beautiful scarves, you can be sure they will keep someone warm this winter. –JM

Dear Helen and Jim, Sincere thanks to you for the beautiful necklace for my friend Stephanie. It means so much to both of us. I love mine as well. Please know that Steph loves and appreciates your kindness. I will be sure to pass it on to her daughter Samantha someday. –LG

Dear Helen and Jim, Thank you Jim for putting me in touch with Helen for the rose quartz. Helen, many thanks for sending it to me. Something touched my heart when I saw it in your showcase, and I wanted it with a passion. Again, many thanks to you and Jim. –MO

Helen, Thank you for your Birches scarf, the work of your hands and heart. I will treasure it always and wear it with pride and delight. –LK

Dear Helen and Jim, Thank you so much for the beautiful job you did making the custom bail on my necklace, I love it. It is much admired by all who see it. Naturally, I let all know where I purchased it. Especially, I want to thank you for the very professional way in which you handled my request. It has been a pleasure doing business with you, and I am definitely looking forward to seeing you again at your shows. P.S. Thanks also for the polishing cloth, it works like a charm. –PH

Thank you both for always helping me with your beautiful jewelry. You are the best. Looking forward to seeing you again in Wolfeboro this summer! –LS

Dear Squirrel-Eze & Friends, I want you to know how much I enjoyed browsing through your shop with my friends and getting acquainted with both of you. Thank you for your Squirrel-Eze lip balm, and the lovely, handmade Christmas ornaments that I purchased. I will certainly stop in again to see what is new in your shop. May you have a blessed, healthy and joyful Holiday Season. -JD

These are the most beautiful and elegant pieces of jewelry I have ever owned. -EBF