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1. It is recommended not to use email id from services like: Sbcglobal, Bellsouth  Aol and Yahoo.

2. Please use Gmail account if you want to be sure to get our response.

3. Go to your inbox (or Spam box) and search the term: 'Pharmacy2Home Password'

If it does not work you can try:


2. Go to Login -> Press


    Now check your Inbox/Spam Box for the new Password

You need to fill in: Routing Number and Account number

All information is sent securely by SSL(HTTPS) to our 3rd party E-Check processor:
You can call (or wait for a call) 1-855-403-3855 Monday through Friday 9 am to 6 pm EST to verify your payment.


If you have no bitcoins,then you should buy bitcoin first: is advised for Customers From: United States, United Kingdom and Australia,. (Full list: If you are from United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Netherlands, Singapore, Denmark or another country you are advised to buy it from

Please watch this video: Video (Coinbase to BitPay)

Now you need to send the bitcoin from a supported wallet by bitpay:



Check link 1 for more information

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After clicking "Complete Order With Bitcoin" :

An invoice is created for payment which is valid only for 15 minutes (as the bitcoin value fluctuates).

In case the 15 minutes Invoice is Expired, please do not send bitcoin after 15 minutes countdown is finished, just press Refresh, Press "Next Step" button and then you can press "Complete Order With Bitcoin" button it will create a new invoice for payment with new address to send to.

Please pay attention to the tiny bitcoin fees need to be added !

To complete your payment please follow these steps:
1. Open your bitcoin wallet now.
2. Select the Send/Pay option in your wallet.
3.Copy the address below (long alphanumeric number) to your wallet or scan the bar-code.
4. Check the details and confirm your payment in your wallet.

Yes it is. Your data will be encrypted and all and any money transfer will be 100% secure. We do not share or sell your personal information with third parties or anyone else.

Yes, our products required prescription. After you have placed your order please provide us with a copy prescription. If you are a return customer and we have your prescription on file we will automatically process your order. You can fax or mail us a scanned copy of your prescription with following Methods:
Fax: USA (toll free)1 800-928-7196

Pharmacy2Home is dedicated to bringing people the cheapest possible high quality drugs in the world and generic drugs are cheaper than big brands. In addition to this, generic drugs are perfectly effective and do the same job for a fraction of price.

Generic drugs are manufactured by companies other than the one that has developed the drug in the first place. This means that their products do not have to cover for huge expenses of research and initial marketing. They only need manufacture the drugs and sell them. Therefore, they are cheaper.

Yes they are, absolutely. The active ingredients are present in the same concentrations and they are of equal quality as those in brand name drugs. The safety profile is the same and the effectiveness is the same while the appearance and the price of the tablets are not.

The manufacturing standards are the same for generic and brand drugs. The manufactures are checked regularly by the authorities and the manufacturing plants are visited and inspected regularly as well.

Yes we do. We offer shipping options to different parts of the world. If your country is not listed in the list of countries that we ship to, then we do not ship to there at the moment.

Standard shipping usually takes anywhere between 14-21 business days provided no unforeseen problems occur.

EMS shipping (with tracking until destination address) 7-14 business days provided no unforeseen problems occur.

Yes, you can open a ticket, send an email or call.

We are online 24/7 or you can call us at 1-800-928-7196, toll free.

In such instances, we urge you to contact us so we can work out a refund or sending of another shipment.

All of our packages are packaged discretely and there is no indication that they might be drugs of any kind.

You can pay with E-Check (echeck electronic payment) with 5% discount or with Bitcoin with 20% discount.

Visa & MasterCard: Currently direct payment is not available but we are working on a solution.

The customer goes to Custom Portal on and enters KYC information such as name, identification number, address, phone number, e-mail, and credit card (Visa,MasterCard, Amercian Express) information. 

The customer will choose an amount they want to load onto their "Virtual Voucher". Once the purchase is made, the customer will instantly receive their Virtual Voucher loaded with their funds. 

The customer can shop, and INSTANTLY check out using their Virtual Voucher.

If  a customer does not wish to spend the full amount they have just pre-funded, the remaining funds will stay in the customers Virtual Voucher, which can also be conveniently reloaded time after time.

Our advice is always to talk to a doctor before ordering generic drugs. You have to do everything you can to ensure a successful and safe treatment and talking to a physician is an important part of it.

Ordering generic drugs online for personal use is perfectly legal in most countries in the world, including UK and the US.

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